Forward, Book 5 of The Eventing Series, is now available!

Today is the release day for Forward, Book 5 of The Eventing Series. It feels so right to be bringing this book to you right after the wonderful Kentucky Three-Day Event weekend. To spend the whole weekend immersed in the very best of our sport, and then to share a story about striving to reach the top of Eventing, is the pinnacle of writing equestrian fiction (for me, anyway!).

Forward continues where Luck left off — like the other books in this series, I’ve enjoyed writing them as a serial, without gaps in the action between novels. It’s now late spring in north-central Florida, and the sun is hot, the arenas are dry, and the show season is winding down… or is it? There’s a lot to prep for and everything to play for this summer!The Eventing Series

Forward is available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback here. If your library has a request program, you can also request they add it to their collection!

If you’re new to the series or looking for new equestrian fiction in your life, start with Ambition, Book 1 of The Eventing Series. This month I’ve also created an updated, revised edition of Ambition. You can find it on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, paperback, audiobook and Audible here.

All of my equestrian fiction novels can be accessed at my Amazon page, here.

Before you start reading, I have a request. Please share the word about Forward and your other favorite equestrian fiction books! It is truly amazing (and it can be a little disheartening) to find out how many people don’t know there are new, authentic equestrian stories available to read. Publishers and industry magazines keep putting out lists of “great horse stories” which are just rehashes of The Saddle Club, Thoroughbred, and Black Beauty lists we’ve all been seeing since we were kids. But we all know equestrian fiction has changed with the times!

Please add Forward on Goodreads and leave a review or rating, review Forward on Amazon, and share the news with your friends! I’d love it if you share this Facebook post with your friends and equestrian groups, too.

Adding, reviewing, and sharing are three easy steps that help all of your favorite authors continue to reach new readers — and that’s what gives us the encouragement and the financial ability to write more books for you!

Thanks for everything, and happy reading! I’m going to get busy on a new novel now!

6 thoughts on “Forward, Book 5 of The Eventing Series, is now available!

  1. Amazon doesn’t have it listed in paperback yet, but I will keep checking. I own the others in the series and must have this one too. I will request that my library order it as well.


  2. Natalie,
    Firstly, let me say that I love your eventing series books! Your writing is truly brilliant. As an eventer who doesn’t ride presently, I live vicariously through the series.
    I opted for the audio book version through Audible, so I can listen while driving, gardening or walking the dogs. The reader, Piper Goodeve, is outstanding!
    I was wondering if you knew when the audio version of Forward will be released.
    I’m really looking forward (no pun intended) to downloading it!
    Many thanks,


    • Hi Marion!
      Thanks so much!
      I appreciate the interest in an audiobook. I’m going to let the publisher, Tantor Media, know there is a fifth book in the series and interest in a new audiobook. Hopefully they’ll be interested in producing another one!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re very welcome! Can’t say it enough, your eventing books are awesome. And I’ve recommended them to all my eventing friends.

        Fingers crossed your publisher is interested.


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