Signed Copies of Forward Available Now

I’ve had quite a few requests for signed copies of Forward, and I’m happy to give in to your demands!

paperback edition of Forward (Book 5: The Eventing Series)

Order a signed copy of any one of my books in paperback!

You can always email me a request for a signed paperback, and I’ll just process your order through PayPal. Since I don’t keep paperbacks at home (unlike authors who possess a garage to put boxes in, I live in a fairly small two-bedroom apartment and I am out of space for more books without adding in my own inventory!) I just have to add a few dollars to the retail price to cover shipping. If you want a copy of Forward by media mail, it will be $19.95 ($16.95 retail + $3 shipping).

If you’d like to order Forward or any other books, please send me an email (natalie at with “Signed Book Order” in the subject line) and include any pertinent details – who it’s being signed to, where it’s being shipped, anything else you think I should know. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and we’ll get you your book!

The following titles are available in paperback:

  • Ambition
  • Pride
  • Courage
  • Luck
  • Forward
  • Show Barn Blues
  • Horses in Wonderland
  • The Head and Not The Heart
  • Other People’s Horses
  • Turning for Home

See them all with retail pricing here: Natalie Keller Reinert paperbacks at Amazon

You can also find my paperbacks in person when you attend events and trade fairs with a booth by Taborton Equine Books! You never know, some of them might be signed from the last time I had an appearance at their booth!

Thanks for your interest in signed copies! It’s always a pleasure to know I’m adding to someone’s book collection.

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