Natalie Keller Reinert at Tampa Bay Downs.

On location at Tampa Bay Downs, which features in several of my novels.

Thank you for visiting my publications page!

Here you’ll find work ranging from author interviews to travel tips and how-to articles.

Although not a comprehensive list of all my published work, this should provide an overview of the broad range of topics I have covered as a freelance writer. This does not include my extensive blogging work, which is all online at Retired Racehorse Blog and at That Dis Family.

Looking for fiction? Click over to find more information on my Equestrian Contemporary Fiction and my Historical Romance novels.

I am always seeking new writing opportunities. Please feel free to send me an email at if you are interested in working with me.

Short Stories

Short Story contributor to Equestrian Culture Magazine. View the Holiday 2014 Issue free online and read Two Runaways: (Currently out of print.)

Interviews and Profiles

From Dappled (Currently out of print.)

– Best Sellers and Blue Ribbons: Jane Smiley Talks Horses. An interview with Pulitzer-Prize winning author Jane Smiley.

– Dick Francis: Behind the Beloved Brit Author’s Brand. A profile of mystery writer Dick Francis.

– Essential Summer Reading: The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls. Interview with debut author Anton Disclafani, plus a review of her novel.

Exploria Experiences: Corporate Blog for Exploria Resorts

Articles at

Articles at Families Go! Travel:

Articles at the Glass Slipper Concierge Blog:

Human Interest & How-To Columns

From Cheer Biz News (PDFs available on request)

– Let’s Hear It For the Little Guys!: Feature article on independent gyms, including interviews with gym owners and coaches.

– Starting a Special Needs Squad: Instructional article on special needs cheerleading, including interviews.

– Parks and Recreation: Feature article on a cheerleading program in Wellington, FL.

– The Biz: Daily Operations: Columns on gym management and economics.

Equestrian Columns and Reviews

From Practical Horseman:

-The Break From the Gate: Personal voice column on racehorse training. (Click for article image file)

From Bushwick Daily:
  • “Expendable” – Short Fiction



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