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I’ve had quite a few requests for signed copies of Forward, and I’m happy to give in to your demands!

paperback edition of Forward (Book 5: The Eventing Series)

Order a signed copy of any one of my books in paperback!

You can always email me a request for a signed paperback, and I’ll just process your order through PayPal. Since I don’t keep paperbacks at home (unlike authors who possess a garage to put boxes in, I live in a fairly small two-bedroom apartment and I am out of space for more books without adding in my own inventory!) I just have to add a few dollars to the retail price to cover shipping. If you want a copy of Forward by media mail, it will be $19.95 ($16.95 retail + $3 shipping).

If you’d like to order Forward or any other books, please send me an email (natalie at with “Signed Book Order” in the subject line) and include any pertinent details – who it’s being signed to, where it’s being shipped, anything else you think I should know. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and we’ll get you your book!

The following titles are available in paperback:

  • Ambition
  • Pride
  • Courage
  • Luck
  • Forward
  • Show Barn Blues
  • Horses in Wonderland
  • The Head and Not The Heart
  • Other People’s Horses
  • Turning for Home

See them all with retail pricing here: Natalie Keller Reinert paperbacks at Amazon

You can also find my paperbacks in person when you attend events and trade fairs with a booth by Taborton Equine Books! You never know, some of them might be signed from the last time I had an appearance at their booth!

Thanks for your interest in signed copies! It’s always a pleasure to know I’m adding to someone’s book collection.

Forward, Book 5 of The Eventing Series, is now available!

Today is the release day for Forward, Book 5 of The Eventing Series. It feels so right to be bringing this book to you right after the wonderful Kentucky Three-Day Event weekend. To spend the whole weekend immersed in the very best of our sport, and then to share a story about striving to reach the top of Eventing, is the pinnacle of writing equestrian fiction (for me, anyway!).

Forward continues where Luck left off — like the other books in this series, I’ve enjoyed writing them as a serial, without gaps in the action between novels. It’s now late spring in north-central Florida, and the sun is hot, the arenas are dry, and the show season is winding down… or is it? There’s a lot to prep for and everything to play for this summer!The Eventing Series

Forward is available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback here. If your library has a request program, you can also request they add it to their collection!

If you’re new to the series or looking for new equestrian fiction in your life, start with Ambition, Book 1 of The Eventing Series. This month I’ve also created an updated, revised edition of Ambition. You can find it on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, paperback, audiobook and Audible here.

All of my equestrian fiction novels can be accessed at my Amazon page, here.

Before you start reading, I have a request. Please share the word about Forward and your other favorite equestrian fiction books! It is truly amazing (and it can be a little disheartening) to find out how many people don’t know there are new, authentic equestrian stories available to read. Publishers and industry magazines keep putting out lists of “great horse stories” which are just rehashes of The Saddle Club, Thoroughbred, and Black Beauty lists we’ve all been seeing since we were kids. But we all know equestrian fiction has changed with the times!

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Thanks for everything, and happy reading! I’m going to get busy on a new novel now!

First Read: Sneak Peek of Forward – Book 5 of The Eventing Series

The latest installment in the bestselling Eventing Series releases at the end of April — are you ready to find out what happens next with Jules and Pete? When we last saw them, Jules was settling into life as the coach and manager of Alachua Eventing Co-op, and Pete had finally gotten that troublesome gray jumper, Rogue, into his program.

Of course, Jules never planned on being a riding coach — if you’ll recall, she’s always been very adamant about not teaching for a living. This feels like it will be a tough adjustment for her. And where does her new arrangement leave Pete? He’s been having a difficult time adjusting to life outside Briar Hill and the comforts of his own farm. He’s let Jules steer the ship for the past year, and now she seems to have found a safe harbor for them — if he can find his place there.

It’s going to be quite a year at Alachua Eventing Co-op, with the students getting ready for their first events, plus a full slate of competition for Mickey, Dynamo, and the other horses. Jules will need some help from old friends — and maybe some old enemies, too — but she is going to keep moving forward, no matter what. From the pine plantations of north Florida to the skyscraper shadows of the Central Park Horse Show, Forward is all about chasing dreams, wherever they may lead.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in Forward: Book 5 of The Eventing Series.

Forward: Book 5 of The Eventing Series first read graphic

Read now! Chapter 1 – Part 1 of Forward

The day I fought with Pete, the light streaming through the skyscrapers was a brilliant gold, gilding every leaf and every blade of grass and every stray pebble knocked by careless feet into the pathways of the park. No one turned and looked at us, because we were civilized people and it was too awful, too embarrassing: the young woman with the tear-streaked face and sun-touched hair falling from a once-sleek bun; the young man with the piercing eyes leaning on the well-worn crutches. No one turned and looked at us, but they all heard us, and we didn’t care, we didn’t stop, until we both wanted to and it was too late and we had turned away from each other.

The day I fought with Pete, New York was a film set, the kind of New York everyone sees in the movies and never finds in real life. Just moments before, the day had been gray, rain-spattered, diesel-scented, like a tractor left running in the barn aisle on a soggy December morning. As riders from cleaner climates, we’d looked at each other from our vantage points atop our horses and asked: why would anyone live here?

Then, suddenly, without warning, the clouds parted and the sun sprang up from the rooftops of Manhattan and the people came pouring out of their apartment doors like bees swarming from their hive. And just like bees, they buzzed straight to the park, to bury their noses in the sweet clover of the lawns, and when they saw us already there, in our breeches and our boots, leading our gleaming horses to the arena set up at the Wollman Rink, even the most jaded New Yorkers paused to give us a second glance. We were alien and lovely, and we towered above them even on the ground, even when we were fighting.

The day I fought with Pete, the mayor shook our hands and told us we were favorites of his niece, and did we see her showing at the Winter Equestrian Festival in West Palm back in January? We did not; we were not WEF people and we knew his niece had never heard of either of us, but we smiled back and said we’d look for her this coming winter, and he smiled and said she’d love that—she’d be the girl on the white pony, with pigtails. The governor was there, too but we didn’t meet him; he didn’t like horses and he kept to himself, sitting aloof on the platform where the dignitaries were enthroned, pretending they knew what was going on in the arena before them.

The day I fought with Pete was the best day of my life, for at least ten hours or so.

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You can pre-order the ebook of Forward: Book 5 of The Eventing Series at Amazon. For paperback copies, stay tuned!

Announcing Forward, Book 5 of The Eventing Series

I have great news to begin April 2019! The newest installment in The Eventing Series, Forward, is publishing on April 30 — and you can pre-order your copy now.

Forward: Book 5 of The Eventing Series

Forward: Book 5 of The Eventing Series

Here’s the story: at the end of Luck, we saw Jules and Pete settling into a new life at Alachua Eventing Co-op, where Jules will be the manager and head riding instructor. It’s not exactly what she expected out of her career, but things are going fine, and it’s better than living in a horse trailer, right?

The cracks begin to show as the eventing season winds up and summer sets in across Florida. Pete’s new horse has an overbearing owner who is pressuring him into pushing the horse too fast. Dynamo suddenly seems to be showing his age on the cross-country course. And how on earth is Jules supposed to manage a barn, a dozen kids, and her own competition schedule?

She’ll need some help from old friends — and maybe some old enemies, too — but Jules is going to keep moving forward, no matter what. From the pine plantations of north Florida to the skyscraper shadows of the Central Park Horse Show, Forward is all about chasing dreams, wherever they may lead.

I am extremely excited about this book, which brings together a cast of characters I had a lot of fun developing, and tells a story I think is a natural next step for Jules and Pete. I really think you’re going to like it.

How to get your copy

Kindle: Forward is available for pre-order for Kindle — order your copy and have it automatically download on April 30, 2019. Click here.

Kindle Unlimited: Read Forward for free with your Kindle Unlimited membership beginning April 30, 2019. Bookmark this page.

Paperback: You’ll be able to order a paperback from Amazon on or about April 30, 2019. Bookmark this page.

Patreon: Subscribe to my Patreon at $5 per month and you’ll receive access to the complete first draft of Forward right now, plus a download of the finished book on April 30, 2019. Subscribe at $15 per month and after the second month you’ll receive a signed paperback from me! Learn more about Patreon’s exclusive benefits here.

Audio: Audio is not yet available. Please stay tuned!

Read my Interview for the FEI

Well, I always knew I’d be featured on the FEI’s website.

I just assumed it would be to celebrate my gold medal in the Olympics. I think “equestrian author” has a nice ring to it, though!

One of the best things that could have possibly happened to me in January, when I’d just found out my job was ending and I was trying to sort out What Happens Next, was receiving an email asking if I could schedule an interview for the FEI website.  Getting a feature story at the governing body of all equestrian sport? I felt much better after that, thanks! Timing can truly be everything.

The interview itself was a really lovely phone chat, in which we discussed everything from my childhood notebooks filled with pony stories to the current state of racing. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out (although I could live without some of those pink-cheeked selfies that were lifted from my Facebook page).

There are some tips for equestrian authors in the piece, but if you’re looking for more meaty stuff, do stick around here as I’m going to be continuing to write about the business of equestrian fiction at!

So take a look at the interview, and please share it on your social media networks to help get the word out to readers who haven’t found out about equestrian fiction yet!

Link – FEI: Reading and Writing